Hi! I'm Karl Monson. I want to help you build a lasting legacy in your Network Marketing business. You can text me here: +1-801-228-0026

My Story

Hi! I'm Karl. Growing up as the last child in a middle class family meant that I was blessed with the opportunity to learn the value of work, and I wouldn't change a thing.

I will be forever grateful to my parents for raising me to believe that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. This lead to earning my Eagle Scout Award at the age of 14, followed by various leadership roles throughout High School, and eventually a successful career in technology.

But I always knew there had to be something more...

My parents were involved in Network Marketing since I was a kid, however they struggled to find any success. Just when they finally broke through to their first "big rank" the company disappeared into thin air the very next day. I know they aren't alone when it comes to these type of experiences. However, unlike the majority of people who quit the industry as a result of something like that, they carried on.

As a teenager they finally let me tag along to industry meetings and events with them, and I was hooked immediately! The culture, the people, the feeling of freedom, I knew I had to be a part of it. When I finally turned 18 I was in!

I wish I could say that it's been all roses and sunshine from there...

Unfortunately I let myself fall victim to my own self-sabotage. I would put in a small amount of work, start to see some success, then stop because I thought it would just take off on its own. Is this starting to sound familiar?

This would carry on for years, and through multiple companies.

I was chasing the greener grass.

Yet through this struggle there was always a silver lining. See, when I was 19 I met a mentor. I knew that he was going places, and I wanted to grab onto his coat tails and hang on for dear life. And that's exactly what I did.

Over the years I've seen him rise to the top as the industry's highest paid compensation plan consultant, and as a result I've been blessed with opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the industry's best and brightest.

I've been able to learn 1 on 1 from all of these mentors, and I even lived with one of them for a year. Talk about a learning experience!

However, even with my million dollar education, I couldn't get out of my own way. So I gave up.

I was even pretty bitter, and I convinced myself that this industry wasn't for me.

But I always knew there had to be something more...

I knew that I couldn't let my career in technology be my only vehicle because my dreams were still bigger than my income. So I did what any burned out entrepreneur would do and went on a startup binge and burned through idea after idea hoping something would stick. My wife was even getting annoyed by the venture marathon.

Nothing was working...

Feeling like all hope was lost, I got a phone call. It was my mentor.

I know you're probably feeling a little burned, but just check this thing out and let me know what you think.

My immediate reaction was a hard no, but it churned in the back of my mind for days...

I knew I had the knowledge, I knew I had the desire, but I still doubted myself. Besides that I had no idea how to convince my wife to let me do yet another thing.

To my surprise, she said yes, and away we went!

Now I will not say we got rich overnight, because we both know it takes work. But implementing the strategies and knowledge I have ammassed over the years we have been able to build a successful team of hard working individuals who are hungry for success.

We are still working, our best days lie ahead of us.