The Future of Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a vast landscape of all things sold online, and it's different for almost everyone. I do agree there are global trends that affect everyone, but it can still differ substantially. That's why I always cringe a little when I hear people start talking about the future of ecommerce.

How could they know what will effect each niche/trend/market in the space?

However, as I previously mentioned there are some global changes that I believe will have an impact across the board.


The world is quickly gaining pace on becoming mobile first, and if your website sucks on mobile, you will lose sales.


People more than ever are paranoid about their personal data and want to know that their info won't be sold on the dark web if they buy from your site. This really is simple in today's market, so if your site isn't secure, why the hell not?


The rise and fall of dropshipping from China is over. Sure there are still fake gurus selling wantrepreneurs on the dream of getting rich overnight via Shopify and Oberlo, but people want good quality products and they want them now, not in 2-3 months.

If you aren't investing in good quality products, then why are you selling online? Is it just to make a quick buck? Your brand will never last so save yourself the headache later and do it now before you launch. I promise you'll thank me later.


It's easy to find 100 of the same thing on Amazon with different brand stickers but there is nothing unique about any of those products.

What will you do to be different?

You don't need to do anything extreme, but find some way to have an edge over your competitors. You don't want to be chasing the next hot product, you want them to be chasing you. And yes, you can even be unique selling private label products, just ask the manufacturer what small tweaks you can make to stand out. They'll love you for it.

So when it really comes down to it, don't rush getting to market. There's a common misconception thanks to Silicon Valley and the startup craze that everything has to be done yesterday.

Your competitors will still be there tomorrow.

Slow down, plan it out, and deliver a high quality product that your customers will want to order again and again.

Build something of real value that you can sell, and we'll all be better off because of it.

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