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Treat Your Business Like A Startup

Written by Karl Monson on May 11, 2017

Owning a Network Marketing business is a legitimate business model, yet everyone tends to discount it as a credible source of income. There are those exceptions just like any industry that give Network Marketing a bad name, but overall it is the simplest method for anyone to become a business owner. It's time we start treating it like an actual business.

Owning a Startup is also a legitimate business. It is more difficult to start and get off the ground, but if you are patient, determined, and put in the work it can be very rewarding. Speaking from personal experience, it is incredibly motivating and exciting when your Startup starts to get traction. Being featured on sites like BetaList and Product Hunt can be the launch your business needs to get off the ground in a major way.

Why aren't we treating Network Marketing like a Startup?

I see a lot of parallels between the two business types, and I think the big name networkers share this same vision. Take a look around, you'll notice people such as Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, even Eric Worre all have established themselves as businesses but without the label of what MLM they are building. Most people will call this personal branding, but their business is so much more than just the MLM opportunity.

Take a moment to think about this, if you were starting a brand new shoe store, would you open for business before you have any product in stock? Once you have the product, would you open for business without any advertising or marketing? Would you open for business quietly without having a launch event?

These are things you should be doing in your Network Marketing business!

If you are struggling to recruit, find customers, or even advance to your next rank, and you aren't treating your business like a business, then simply take a step back, get everything in order, and relaunch! It's perfectly okay to relaunch your business! There is no shame in it, and you will find more success if you do.

Of course I can't make any guarantees, I'm just letting you know what has worked for me and my business.